During my tenure with the Learning Company I worked on all phases of software development from concept to shipping product. Below are examples of some of the artwork I created for multimedia educational software. During my work as a Multimedia Artist I produced many items for on screen display. These included introduction screens, help systems, animations, and interface design.

Berlitz Passport to 31 Languages
Introduction screen

Passport to 31 Languages product from The Learning Company in conjunction with Berlitz International. I fulfilled roles of both Multimedia Artist and Content Specialist during the course of this project. As Multimedia Artist I composed a number of screens used in the product, such as introductory screens, install screens, and various interface features. As Content Specialist, I complied/edited facts and information from various resources for inclusion in the product.

Introduction screen

KeyCAD product from the Learning Company. I acted as Producer during the development of this product and oversaw the development from pre-parameter documents to testing and quality assurance to shipping retail product. This screen is one of the many pieces of art created by myself.

Travel Talk
Interface Design

Learning screen from Vocabulary Builder product by The Learning Company. Included on this screen shot is the On-line help system, which overlaid the main screen when activated by the user. During the development of this product and the post-development conversions of this product into Spanish, French, and German, I acted in the role of Multimedia Artist. Tasks included interface design and development of the online help system.

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