Below are examples of some of the products I released successfully as Associate Producer and Producer for The Learning Company. Each of these projects encompassed a wide variety of tasks. These could include such tasks as proofreading and editing of program content, documentation, and packaging; producing scheduling and time lines for the project cycle; construction of pre -parameters before the start of the project; legal issues and copyright information; in-depth reporting of project progress and problems to senior management; construction of testing suites; final sign-off on all aspects of final product; compiling and shipping of final Gold Master CD and documentation files to manufacturing.

Another large part of my job as Producer was the coordination of various personnel and departments, such as legal, marketing, engineering, artist, directors of R&D, testing, quality assurance, editorial, and manufacturing.

Most of the products I produced were very rich in multimedia content. This called for technical knowledge in a wide range of computer skills like video, audio, text, help systems, computer operating systems, computer architectures, internet and web development, software installation procedures, hybrid CD formats, software testing, and quality assurance.

Time Multimedia Almanac

I worked on the upgrade to the product pictured on the right. My duties consisted of coordination and addition of new video segments; Proofing/editing of new text material and articles; Creation of various screens; Completely updating the help system to reflect a new interface design.

PhotoFinish 97 (Japanese Version)

PhotoFinish 97 is a digital imaging product similar to PhotoShop®. This was the first project I completed as a producer for The Learning Company. This project was unusual in that the company purchasing the product for resell was located in Japan, the external developer I worked with was located on the east coast, and marketing office was located in California. This project was a major task of coordination.

PhotoFinish (Domestic Version)

The domestic version of PhotoFinish 97. I released a major upgrade of this product which successfully ported the program to the Macintosh® platform. This product shipped as a hybrid CD. Over 50,000 units were sold.

Creative Office Product Line

PhotoFinish is a digital imaging product for the consumer market. I acted as producer for both domestic and International versions.

Calendar Creator, the #1 selling calendar creation software with over 2.5 Million copies sold. My responsibilities for the product were as Associate Producer.

KeyCAD, the #1 best selling CAD product line. I was the producer for the development of this product.

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